Alpha – GPC – An introduction

Choline is a very essential nutrient which is very closely related to vitamin B-complex family. Choline is water soluble. In brain neurons this Choline acts as a phospholipid and helps in cell membrane creations. It has many benefits related to cognitive processes. It is the precursor for acetylecholine, which is a necessary neurotransmitter essential for formation and development of memory. This also takes a role in maintain healthy brain and in the protection of neurons inside the brain.

When it comes to choosing supplements of choline for enhancing cognitive power then the best choice is Alpha GPC Choline. Even when one wants to stack a choline supplement with other nootropics Alpha GPC is the best choice.

Products like Alpha brain also contain Alpha GPC. But it is better to get it independently because it can be added to any nootropic stacks along with Noopept, piracetam, and aniracetam.

Choline and good health

Alpha GPC is a great nootropics. For overall well being of body and mind, choline is the essential nutrient. Choline is discovered in the year 1864. It is discovered by Adolph Strecker. Two years later it is first synthesized chemically.

Earlier days it was mainly used for regulating cholesterol levels by preventing fatty acid conditions. By 1998 it was classified under essential nutrient list. Body can create this nutrient naturally. But it is considered as very small amount. So it must be supplied to the body from food sources to make sure there is enough amount of choline in the body. Natural sources of choline include eggs and beef liver. But even in these sources contain very small amount of choline.

Today majority of the individuals have choline deficiency and there is a need of choline supplementation.

Even though it is necessary for every individual, choline demand will be high in pregnant women. Choline deficiency in pregnant women will result in issues like, infants will have neural tube defects and it can even impair children’s memory.

If women maintains high level of choline, that can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Choline taken at conception resulted in higher intelligence in the offspring.

Low level of choline can lead to issues like atherosclerosis, liver issues, and some kind of neurological disorders. This can also result in increased level of liver enzymes such as ALT.

Even though it has many benefits which aids in overall well being, but choline supplements are usually taken with the desired to increase brain capacity and enhance intellect.

Choline can be used along with other cognitive enhancers like piracetam and few other cholinergic racetams. This can lead one more advantage because choline has the ability to enhance the effects caused by these cognitive enhancers.

When used like this in a stack, one can experience memory gains, increased reasoning, enhanced learning, increased brain energy, gained mental fluidity and enhanced focus.

Along with amplifying effects of cognitive enhancers, meantime choline can reduce the side effects caused by them. Enhancers like piracetam can have negative side effects like headaches. When choline is present in the stack, there will not be any side effects. With piracetam choline creates a synergy. This leads to the enhanced demand of acetylcholine.