Deer Antler Spray as a body building and libido booster

Deer antler extract is derived from the inner tissue mass of deer antlers before they harden completely. The potent component abundantly composing the antler extract is IGF-1 or insulin like growth factor-1 which is a naturally existing protein in humans. The practise of using deer antler extracts in Chinese traditional medicine as an organic remedial drug shows how efficient it is in promoting muscle growth and libido.

What is the Spring Bowl Scandal?

The use deer antler spray by bodybuilders in the press kickoff to the Superbowl of 2013 caught serious media and public attention. The supplement was banned at that time by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and NFL (National Football League) as it enhanced the athletic performance of bodybuilders illegally. Ray Lewis, who was the linebacker of Baltimore Ravens, was found consuming the drug just before playing and that raised the public attention about the banned supplement. Later the ban was called off the drug by WADA declaring that there was not sufficient amount of IGF-1 that may heighten concerns about the cause. Due to lack of evidence, it is even claimed by some manufacturers that deer antler sprays raises the levels of IGF-1 in the blood to alarming levels.

Is it safe?

After WADA lifted the ban from the drug, people can now freely and legally use it without any more obstacles in the way. Statistical data shows that almost 20-30% of the football players use deer antler spray before play in important league matches. Apart from promoting enormous muscular growth and strength, the drug offers some more effective beneficial effects that can be listed as follows:

  • Possess powerful mechanism in burning excess stubborn fat by promoting faster metabolism
  • Rapidly converts complex lipid molecules to lean muscle tissues.
  • Increased levels of tolerance
  • Speeds up healing process during any injuries
  • A better and safer alternative to strong steroids

The cascading list of benefits one can get by taking the supplement under recommended dosages has been clinically approved and even published in New Zealand Medical Journal. The different experiments conducted on the deer antler spray prove its efficacy in promoting muscle gain and vitality.

Preventive measures:

The use of steroids and growth hormone boosters are considered illegal in the field of sports as their overexposure proves toxic to body cells, and also it is biased and immoral for other players who do not dope before play. Sex hormone boosting steroids often result in unnatural development of female characteristics in men, like developing breasts as a secondary sexual feature. Such drugs may even cause psychological and hormonal imbalance followed by increased risks of developing cancer and tumors.

Doctors generally recommend a safe dosage plan to be followed in order to eliminate the minimum possible side effects of anabolic steroids. Since studies have shown the astonishing effects of deer antler spray in improving bone density and recovery of damaged osteocytes, it can be included as a part of your fitness schedule alongside daily workouts and balanced diet chart. Controversial clouds about the safe use of the drug as a performance enhancer has subsided due to a lack of evidence. Thus it can be now legally consumed by bodybuilders to elevate muscular skill levels and vigour.