Dressing for a Modern Interview


You spent days, even weeks searching for the perfect job. Once you found it, you agonized over your application until the very last minute. Then the day came when you received your interview appointment and you realized that it has been years since your last one, and you have no idea what to wear.


Women will want to choose something with a heel. However, it is important that you can comfortably walk in them. Heels portray confidence, however only when you are striding and not falling.

Men are best to stick with a classic shoe until you have a chance to see what the rest of the office is wearing. Try to shy away from something as formal as a wingtip. A simple, clean cut leather dress shoe will suffice.


In this advice article, both men and women get the same message.

Pinstripe pants.

A women’s pant should be slightly free flowing but not to the point where it loses a clean silhouette. It should run from the waist down to the shoe, stopping just above the tip of the heel.

Men’s pants, on the other hand, should be more form fitting. Try to avoid the standard straight cut and look for something which gives you a little more shape. Not to the point of fashion jeans, but enough so that it doesn’t look like you are on work experience from high school.


Similar to the bottom, it’s a blouse or shirt for women and men respectively.

For the blouse, try to stick with a solid and inoffensive color. Bone or pastel colors are good options. Sleeve length can depend on the climate, however, as with men, a full sleeve shows a professional look. Again, however, a little more free flowing on the design.

Men can’t go wrong with a traditional full sleeved shirt and tie. While it may seem obvious, we say this for a good reason. Many up-and-coming candidates tend to forego the tie in favor of a more personable approach, which is not something an employer sees favorably.

Makeup and Beauty

Clean and subtle makeup is suggested for either men or women wanting to cover any blemishes or spots. Some advice for both men and women is to visit a nail salon in Edinburg, TX. Women will want a color which matches their blouse whereas Men will want a simple clean and polish.


The advice on this aspect rings true for both men and women. Less is best. Earring for women and a wedding ring are sufficient to show that you went to the effort but you are aware of the environment you are in.

Similarly, Men are advised to wear their wedding band and a watch. If possible, look for a larger watch. Smaller watches can send a message that you don’t see time as being important, something a potential employer will not want to feel.

When choosing what to wear for an interview, take these tips into consideration and always remember that the interview is the place where you first meet. Keep it simple and use the interview to find out more about how you can be expected to dress post hiring.