Essential questions to ask when building a custom home

Building a custom home is a life altering decision and one that requires you to invest time, money and dedication to see it through. The best possible scenario of having a team of experts on board who can stick to deadlines and a budget, causing as few problems for your project as possible. If you are thinking of utilising your plot of land for a property investment and want to find a custom home build company, then its wise to prepare for the essential questions below:

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  1. Can I afford it?

When consolidating the individual costs of building a new home the budget doesn’t look to stretch too far, but a job done properly will come with a full breakdown of where the money goes and why.  Be wary that even if you think you have enough funding for the construction and planning, there are variables that an change during the period in which you home is being built. For example, material costs can fluctuate depending on supply and demand; wet and windy weather can delay project time; and humidity factors can cause damage to the construction work that all requires extra attention. Prepare for the worst and you’ll succeed in your plan.

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  1. Do I have the patience?

Building a house is a far trickier process than simply buying from the market. It’s expected that even the most basic, stock-built homes take three to six months to finish, while custom homes can take up to 18 months or longer, if you run into problems. Therefore if you do not have time on your side or you have other commitments that will take a higher priority then your home build project should be reserved for a more convenient point in your life.


  1. What are my needs?

It’s advisable to talk with the person who you are embarking on your home build project with to ask what your expectations for the property are. Each new home serves a purpose specifically for the owner, whether it be extra room for family, downsizing to cut costs, or transforming the style for a more comfortable living experience. Make a list of the desirable and essential factors that will determine what your home will cater for.


  1. Do I know my location?

Research pays in the long run, more so if you are familiar with the characteristics of the neighbourhood in which you want to build your custom home. Price varies depending on where you have your plot of land, and whether that area is likely to become more desirable in the future. Research the costs of the location, such as paying the city for permits, adding power and sewer hookups, and any add-on such as landscaping that must be completed as part of the building process.


  1. Can I trust my tradesman?

A home build project requires an entre team of specialists to work together. Therefore the decision as to who to allocate your project to is crucial. When choosing a company r team of individual tradesman, look for those who are upfront and professional. A builder who makes wild promises about building an elaborate landmark on a tight budget will likely not work out well in the end. Research the custom home build company or individual online to check their credentials before you sign any contract or give approval for a start date.