Expert Georgetown DWI Lawyers:

With Williamson County Texas boasting record high DWI conviction rates, being charged with driving while intoxicated in the county will likely have lasting consequences that often require the intervention of a Georgetown DWI lawyer. Given the multitude of lawyers that Georgetown’s small city offers, finding your best fit may require you to vet potential options before any consultations or discussion of retainers. Here are some expert Georgetown DWI lawyers who you can trust to defend even the most complex DWIs.

Dunham and Jones, Attorneys at Law P.C.


Dunham and Jones have law offices throughout Texas and offer their clients over 200 years of combined experience handling the state’s DWI cases. Dunham and Jones have a variety of Georgetown DWI lawyers on staff, many of whom are Texas Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists and have experience working as Assistant District Attorneys. Throughout the Lone Star State, Dunham and Jones are renowned for their diligence, immediately working to expeditiously get DWI charges dropped or reduced to a traffic ticket. Given their expertise and proven track record, Dunham and Jones provide incredibly competitive rates, with most straightforward DWI cases being charged a flat rate with no money down. As a recipient of countless awards for their DWI representation, there is no better place to begin your search for a Georgetown DWI lawyer. For a free consultation with a lawyer at Dunham and Jones, call (512) 777- 7777.

The Law Office of Gregory R. Terra


With experience handling nearly 600 DWI cases in Williamson County, Terra has represented a variety of DWIs from first-time misdemeanors to multi-offense felony charges. As the owner of a small local law office, Terra personally handles all aspects of his client’s cases with an established presence throughout the county courts that has familiarized him with the local procedures, prosecutors, and judges. This familiarity with the courts along with past experience as a prosecutor often grants Terra’s clients positive outcomes, with nearly half of his cases resulting in dismissal or a reduced sentence. Terra is also known for a client centered approach, returning all calls within the same business day and encouraging his clients to call whenever a legal question arises. Terra prides himself on his law office’s highly rated and honest reputation and has vowed to never lead his clients astray and only take on cases where he has full confidence in his success. If you’re looking for a local, professional, and down to earth Georgetown DWI lawyer, look no further than The Law Office of Gregory R. Terra. For a free consultation, call (512) 635- 4368.

Smith and Vinson Law Firm


With Jarrod Smith of the Smith and Vinson Law Firm being considered one of Texas’ leading DWI lawyers, you can’t go wrong contacting their local Georgetown office specializing in DWI defense. Smith has extensive experience with DWIs throughout the state, working in state and federal offices as a former district attorney in Montgomery County and clerk for the Harris County Public Defender’s Office. Known for his aggressive approach to DWI defense, Smith has routinely won jury trials in areas with rock solid conviction rates. Given the unexpected nature of DWIs, Smith and the lawyers at Smith and Vinson are available 24/7 to jumpstart representation. This is especially important in Texas, where an individual’s drivers license will be automatically revoked within 15 days of DWI charges unless a hearing is scheduled. While Texas is known for its harsh and complex DWI laws, Smith goes above and beyond in explaining the legal process and all of the laws pertaining to a client’s case. For his outstanding criminal and DWI representation Smith has garnered a perfect score on the lawyer directory website For a free consultation, call (512) 359- 3743.

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Given Williamson County’s track record with DWI convictions and the life long consequences a conviction brings, it is crucial that those charged with a DWI immediately contact an expert lawyer to begin working on their case as soon as possible. If you’ve been charged with a DWI in Williamson County, nothing should be holding you back from scheduling a free consultation with any of these Georgetown DWI lawyers.