Few things to keep in mind while using band saws

Band saws are commonly used by metal and woodworkers to cut metal or wood logs into specific size pieces. Well these pieces can be used to build metal sheds, buildings, barns, wooden frames, doors etc. Well band saws which are used for cutting metal come with strong blades as they have to cut through heavy metal and steel. Moreover there are different sets of blades used for cutting different type of metals.

These different set of blades include friction, hot saw, high speed steel blades, carbide tipped blades, circular knifes and segmented cold saw blades. There are two types of metal Clausing band saws that are available in the market i.e. vertical band saw and horizontal band saw. Well the vertical band saw is fixed at one place and is usually used for cutting straight cuts of metal. It has four legs with rubbers tips to avoid shaking & slipping during the cutting process.

The metal is generally hand feed through the saw blade. While feeding metal to the blade, it is good to maintain distance so that you can avoid any kind of miss happening. The other type of band saw is the horizontal one, which is a handheld version which is portable and can be taken anywhere. This machine is hydraulically powered and whatever material you want to cut with it, must be fastened with something steady so that it doesn’t slips away will cutting.

In the horizontal blade saw the worker has to push the saw through the metal so that the desired cut can be achieved. Most of the horizontal blades turn of automatically when they finish the cut. They are used for straight cuts, cutting rolls and curves. No matter what type of blade saw you using, it is strongly recommended that you must wear protective gear to avoid any kind of miss happening.

You can purchase these machines from online portals and traditional brick & mortar stores. Make sure that the machine you purchasing comes with a valid warranty.