Finding A Commercial Air Conditioner Repair Service


In Houston, one can find many companies that offer residential ac repairs. These services are generally offered by freelancing technicians or registered companies, and are easy to find (with the help of word of mouth or through a quick search on yelp). However, finding an ac repair company that is capable of performing flawless commercial ac repair and that too, within a set budget isn’t easy to find.

Commercial Vs. Residential

You should remember that your neighbors or friends do not call a commercial repair service to get their domestic air conditioning units fixed. Hence, you cannot rely on their referrals as far as commercial ac repairs are concerned. This is because, the design of the air conditioners used for commercial and residential purposes varies widely, and so are the technicalities associated with it.

If your neighbor has employed an individual technician to repair their split unit, it does not necessarily mean that he/she will be able to repair the HVAC at your company. Please remember, commercial and domestic ac units are different, and so is the equipment required to repair them. Hence it is always advised that you hire a qualified HVAC technician if you want to get your commercial ac unit fixed to perfection.

HVAC technicians

The Right Man For The Job

The question now is, “how to find the best commercial ac service provider?” In most cases, the company that does the installation also offers repairing services as well. Depending on your location and the intensity of the repairs required, the manufacturer and/or the installer may themselves offer a quote to repair the system. This is the best possible way to get your unit fixed.

On the other hand, if the manufacturer only deals with sales and installation, they may not get directly involved with the repairs. However, such manufacturers usually do have contracts and MOUs with potentially great repair companies, such as the Mercury Control AC (whose workers are not only well trained and certified, but are also capable of fixing almost any kind of commercial ac units), and refer to them to you.

Added Benefits Of Hiring A Contracted Company

There are several advantages of hiring a contracted repair company. A measurable parameter known as success track record serves as a guarantee to establish trust with the employee. It also makes sure that the employer’s money is not being wasted, and that he/she will get worthwhile services as return of investment.

Also, in case of any obstruction, incomplete repairs or faulty services, the company is held liable for the poor quality workmanship and may not receive payment (Individual contractors will not come with the money back guarantee). Hence, one can be sure that contracted companies will give it their best shot in an attempt to satisfy customers and improve their success track record. And since the company holds its professional vision above anything else; you can be sure that it has safety protocols in place for every repair job it undertakes.

Hiring A Contracted Company


Finding the right commercial ac repair company that best suits your needs can be tough at times, but is not impossible. And with the help of the above mentioned information, you can easily find a company that is not only efficient and trustworthy, but is also economical.