How to Prepare a Shipment for Air Freight Delivery

When you need to prepare a large package for shipping internationally, freight is generally the best option, and it is usually the only option. However, inexperience causes people a lot of problems when they need to ship these large items. Whether you’re shipping a single large item, or simply want to save money by shipping a dozen or more items together in one shipment, it’s best to learn the basics of this type of delivery before you make arrangements for the shipment. The information below should help you to become familiar with the basic requirements of shipping large items by air.

Shipment for Air Freight Delivery

When to Use a Pallet

Different couriers will have their own rules about how their air freight shipments must be handled. For some, items over a certain weight will be required to be palletised. Others have very specific requirements for how these pallets must be secured as well. Generally speaking, if an item is too heavy to be carried by a single person, it should be palletised. The more secure the pallet is, the better the courier will be able to handle it. Wrapping the pallet is almost always required, but it is also sometimes a requirement to use other equipment to secure the load more fully. For instance, it is sometimes helpful to use straps or cables to secure a load so that it will not slide off the pallet.

When to Use a Pallet

Properly Palletising Your Shipment

You will also need to choose a pallet that is the appropriate size. If it is too large, it may become difficult to secure the contents of the pallet properly. On the other hand, if the pallet is too small, items will hang over the edge, making it difficult to transport your items safely. There are various pieces of equipment that can make the contents of your shipment safer. If your pallet shipment contains a large number of individual pieces, you may want to use corner boards to increase the strength of the pallet and prevent items from becoming dislodged. It can take some time to learn the best way to wrap the pallet, but doing this will be well worth your time and practice. A properly wrapped pallet is much more likely to arrive without damaged items.

Palletising Your Shipment

Make Sure Your Pallet Is in Good Condition

Pallets are often used and reused hundreds of times, if not more. Unfortunately, these pallets are not indestructible, and the heavy use can cause them to deteriorate over time. Remember too, that since these are generally constructed using untreated wood, they can start to degrade over time due to factors like heat, cold, humidity, and many other exterior factors. Once the pallet has started to deteriorate, it becomes a liability to you, your customers, and the courier. If you’re not confident the pallet will make it to its destination, it would be wise to discard it and use one that’s in better condition.

Pallet Is in Good Condition