Innovative Tools for the Energy Industry

Today’s world is rapidly changing as we recognize that the old ways of doing business just won’t cut it anymore. From the development of new types of rotary shaft seal elements that cut down on the amount of pollutants small engines release into the air to innovative new renewable energy announcements, we are learning to change how we get and use energy.

Ever since Benjamin Franklin made use of a kite to move the development of electricity in the 18th century we have been constantly looking for new sources of energy. While we have come a long way from heating with fire, where we go from here is hard to say.

The Move to Digital

One of the latest innovations in the energy industry is the move towards more and more digital systems to control flow, measure energy and help energy companies interact more efficiently with end users. A good example of this is the development of “smart meters”. These wi-fi enabled meters not only eliminate the need for individual meter readers to venture onto end user’s properties.

They also are poised to allow homeowners with solar panels to sell residual energy back to the municipal grid. This will slowly allow many cities to integrate many types of energy from traditional oil and gas to wind, solar and other forms of renewable energy to work together in one system.

Electric Cars and Solar Roof Tiles

One of the major players in the development of new tools that will change how we gain and use energy is Elon Musk and his company Tesla. The man who made his first billion as CEO of PayPal has gone on to found SpaceX a company dedicated to putting man into space and Tesla, a business that centers on renewable energy and is most well-known for its development of an affordable electric car.

His recent acquisition of SolarCity has led to the announcement of a new type of roofing tile that is an affordable response to solar panels. He claims that as he rolls out this latest development it will make solar powered roofs within reach of the ordinary homeowner as the glass solar tiles are actually cheaper than comparable roofing tiles in clay.

The Rocky Mountain Institute is On Fire

Another major player that has been making waves lately is the Rocky Mountain Institute. This organization is dedicated to transforming global energy use. They say that they can create a clean prosperous and secure low-carbon future by making more of us aware of our options and supporting those that work well.

They have presented papers on such diverse areas as transportation, construction and electricity. Their stated goal is finding new ways to lower our carbon count and move us slowly away from depending on carbon-based energy by supporting innovative new ideas.

A New Energy Field

As you can see, how we create energy is changing. From traditional energy companies embracing new ways to create energy and interact with their end users to innovative entrepreneurs like Musk new developments are showing a profit. In addition, we have more organizations that present new ideas such as those from the Rocky Mountain Institute, making these ideas accessible to us all.