Keter Group CEO Alejandro Pena Emphasizes the Importance of ESG Efforts, Sustainability, and Recycling

It has become increasingly more work to find a business that doesn’t at least concede on the importance of environmentalism and corporate sustainability. The idea of creating better outcomes for buyers as well as the environment is one that corporations are learning to embrace, bettering the world around them while improving their bottom line.

Alejandro Pena is the CEO of Keter Group, a position he has held since 2017. In his role, Pena has been pivotal in helping usher in a new era of corporate sustainability and environmentalism at his place of work.

A devout environmentalist, Alejandro Pena took time out of his day to tout the efforts of Keter’s Environmental Sustainability Guidelines.

Introducing Keter Group and Alejandro Pena

Alejandro Pena took over the CEO role in 2017, a position that came to him after earning his stripes elsewhere in the company. Pena went into the place, understanding that there was more the business could be doing for its customers.

Pena says, “When I became the company’s CEO, it was evidence that we were not just a company with a purpose of creating value for shareholders, but a company that has multiple stakeholders and purposes.”

In his position as CEO, Pena helped to oversee the implementation of ESG as a centralized approach at Keter. Pena stated, “One of our responsibilities is not just to our shareholders, but to the communities that we are in and to the environment and world that we live in.”

Why Sustainability is Guiding Keter Group

A report published by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania revealed that consumers were willing to spend more on products that they believed were produced sustainably.

Further research into the topic revealed that even just two years ago, nearly 34% of all Generation X shoppers were willing to spend upwards of 10% more on sustainable products, a clear shift in consumer behavior.

Alejandro Pena said of the recent change in his industry, “We will continue to see markets evolve where consumers are going to increasingly become more and more aware of what’s good for the environment and what’s good for the world we live in.”

Alejandro Pena has reported significant progress in his goals in the few years he has been in charge at Keter Group.

Pena stated, “Last year, we made significant process in taking carbon out of our manufacturing processes by maintaining our use of recycled resin and driving efficiencies throughout our operations.”

Keter’s focus on using sustainable resin materials has helped it become an industry leader while still paying attention to its environmental impact.

Pena stated of the company’s outward goal of ESG, “I think the impact has been very positive, both internally and externally. I think it gives our employees something to be very proud of.”