Kevin Modany Underscores Winning Traits For Succesful Executives

Kevin Modany is an American business consultant born and raised in Carmel, IN. The former Chairman and CEO of ESI Service Corp, Modany presently serves as the Managing Director at BlueRock Partners. Having cultivated years of experience in the field as both a financial consultant and a leading executive, Modany sat down with the team at CEOWorld Magazine to discuss the core traits and features that have made him so successful in his field.

Let’s pick up a pad and pen to jot down some notes so that we, too, can find the leadership success that Kevin Modany has enjoyed in recent years.

Start By Becoming a Vocal Leader

Kevin Modany is a believer that the best leaders are those that lead by example. Modany suggests that leaders invest in developing their employees by being direct and vocal in what they require. Modany calls this a ‘Win Win’ situation for both parties. A great way to build a company by working as a vocal leader is to invest in career growth opportunities for people at every level in the workplace.

Companies that regularly invest in corporate training and additional services will often find themselves with better candidates, longer-lasting employees, and an office building with experience.

Degrees of Resourcefulness

A leader must be not just capable but also resourceful. No matter what industry you are working in, Modany suggests that it is imperative that executives hone their ability to get things done. A CEO should be able to keep their strategy and business mission at the forefront of their minds while they are operating, aligning their risks with the understanding of their resources.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

A leadership role is one that requires connecting with and delegating work to other people. As a successful leader, Kevin Modany understands that he has to lead his team with emotional intelligence. An executive with emotional intelligence will be able to empathize with their employees while offering winning suggestions along the way. An emotionally intelligent CEO will take actions that align with the values of the business as well as the benefits of the employees.

Responsibility and Accountability

Individuals in leadership positions must be more than ready to take responsibility for their actions and their performance. As the external and internal face of the business, the Chief Executive Officer is the individual held most accountable for the performance of the business. CEOs should be expected to stand in front of the line of fire to take the blame should things go awry.

Kevin Modany went on to underscore the idea that responsibility and accountability must also exist between individuals. Modany says, “If I have something to say to you, you’re going to be the first one to know about it.”