Locations Ideas for Pooja Space for your Home

Every home needs a pooja room to attract positive energy indoors. It is an auspicious space where you worship your deities. Depending on your preferences, you can come up with various pooja room ideas. Do not worry if you do not have a separate room. There are many creative and unique ways to design your pooja space as well. If you are not sure about where you should create your pooja space, here are a few pooja room ideas:

01 of 04 Create an outdoor pooja space

If you feel that sufficient indoor space is not available for creating great pooja room ideas, you can always consider using your outdoor space. The best space is the rear yard, especially if you want more privacy. You can make use of the front or side yard as well. According to Vastu, the outdoors are considered one of the best spaces for creating a pooja space. This is because this pooja room idea is closer to nature. The shrine always stays exposed to fresh air, sunlight, and the fresh aroma of raindrops. You can create a small spire-topped mandir featuring beautiful ornate pillars. Give it a more traditional feel by adding elements like a kalash. Also, you must keep in mind that the mandir is at least a few inches above ground level. To add to the aesthetic beauty, you can place a few potted plants around like tulsi, peepal, banyan, etc. Since you are opting for an outdoor mandir, maintenance is a very huge factor. You cannot choose items that can get damaged from being exposed to weather conditions. If the material is difficult to clean, you should avoid that as well. A stained and scratched mandir will appear very unappealing. Other important factors include lighting, seating arrangements, drainage, storage, and a source of water.

Your front, back, or side yard is not the only outdoor space you can use for creating a mandir. Your terrace can be considered outdoor as well. There is plenty of free space on a terrace to create a beautiful mandir. Keep in mind all the aforementioned points in mind while creating a mandir on your terrace. The openness of the terrace will give your mandir a very spacious feel.

02 of 04 Put the corners to good use

If you live in a small apartment, you cannot opt for an outdoor or terrace mandir. Hence, you have to make use of your indoor space. The best pooja room idea for small home interior designs is to turn a nook into a pooja space. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any room for this purpose like your bedroom, living room, or even the balcony. From semi-circular, arced, to polygonal, you will easily find many mandirs that are designed for corners. Also, they are available in many different materials like wood, marble, etc. Hence, they will fit perfectly, making the maximum utilisation of space and enhancing the appeal of the room at the same time. Make sure the colour of the mandir complements the colours used in the room. You must also add good lighting to ensure that the space always stays well-lit.

03 of 04 Adorn your corridor

If you are not sure where to create your pooja space, consider a hallway of your house. The hallway will become like a semi-enclosed space where there will be walls on three sides, and sufficient space will be available for people to sit and worship. It is very important to ensure that the rear wall appears aesthetically very appealing in this pooja room idea. There are various ideas you can come up with to create a beautiful and elegant design on the rear wall. Many modern pooja spaces feature beautiful lighting on the rear wall as well. Depending on your preferences, you can choose any type of wall treatment or decor. The stand or shelf you use to place the idols should feature a colour that appears contrasting to the rear wall. This will help to add more visual interest to the space. You must ensure that sufficient storage space is available so that you can store all the essentials within your reach. Keep in mind that the door to the passageway is not close to the pooja space.

04 of 04 Create a mix of traditional and contemporary appeal

If you want the interior design of your pooja space to look good in your modern home, you have to ensure that the pooja area blends perfectly in that space. There is no golden rule that says that you have to create a traditional pooja space. Depending on your preferences, you can give it a modern look as well. Choose modern colours like beiges and brown for your pooja space to complement bronze and golden coloured idols.