Make more room for what matters – Decluttering your home

Yes, we live in a culture where objects are important to us – whether or not we like to admit it. Many of us keep too much stuff around the house. Let’s face it: we don’t use half of the things we own. And we are not even mindful of their existence… until we have to move. When the Toronto movers company you hired books your move, it is time to pack. That is when “oh, I forgot about this one!” becomes the main sentence used in your monologues. If this paragraph is you in a nutshell, then keep reading! We prepared a few tips on how to make more room for what matters. In other words, this is decluttering your home 101.

Moving represents a fresh start in your life. Remember this and keep it as a motto during your entire relocation process. And you know why? Because otherwise, you will just take everything you own and transport it to a new home. Not much of a change, huh? Instead, try leaving in the past things that are meant to stay in the past.

Some things are meant to be left behind

Even the tiniest, most useless item in our house might bring memories from the past. But that doesn’t mean the memories will vanish when the objects are no longer there. We live for memories, not for objects. Yes, breaking up with your belongings might be emotional and difficult, so make sure you are ready for this. Think about whether or not those objects really bring something to you – a practical or just emotional input will do. And if they don’t, prepare to part ways. Sometimes, this is the best choice. Have some reasonable discussions with yourself. Yes, the sweater you wore in high school is still cute, but you grew out of it and haven’t even touched it in years. How about donating it to someone who will cherish it and put it to good use? And the same goes for everything you no longer use. You know what they say: one man’s trash is another one’s treasure. If you are not sure what to do with each of the items, consider these options: gift them to friends (including by organizing a bazaar at your house where they can come and pick up what they want), give them to a charity in your region, or upcycle them by giving them a new use. Nothing gets lost or thrown away, unless they really cannot be put to use.

The more the items, the longer the move

Moving twenty boxes is not the same as moving sixty boxes. Keep this in mind.And if you needed motivation to declutter your house, this is it. If you take enough time for packing and have the chance to distribute the items you don’t use (either to charity, donations, or other destination) prior to the move, the Toronto moving company you hired will not have that many boxes to relocate on your moving day. Of course, this will cost you less. At Let’s Get Moving, we charge per hour, so just imagine how much you could save if you would only have half of the things to relocate! It will also be less stressful for you, it will take less to pack… Really, there are only advantages to this.

You don’t have to decide now

As we mentioned earlier in this article, giving up on items that are important might have a great emotional impact. If you are not ready to give them up, consider storage as an option. Many moving companies in Toronto, Canada, offer storage facilities for rent. You can rent them for a few months or for a few years. As long as you need, really. Don’t make a decision that might frustrate you later! If donating your items is not something that appeals to you right now, store everything at one of the moving companies in Toronto that you trust and that is that. When you decide what to do with them, you can check the items out and give them a new life. If you never rented a storage unit, you should know that they are a safe long-term solution for storing things you don’t use on a frequent basis. And many moving companies in Toronto and the GTA own units of this kind, so basically the entire area is packed with storage facilities. At Let’s Get Moving, we have 8x7x7 climate-controlled units that are 24/7 under video surveillance. The rent is accessible and the option is 100% safe.

When you decide about what to do with the unused things in your house, get in touch with moving companies in Toronto, Ontario, to get an estimate for your move. You can even hire them to take some of the boxes to a charity, if you want. The options are unlimited, just make sure you are fine with what you decide!

If you need one of the best moving companies in Toronto, Let’s Get Moving is right here for you. Get in touch with our operators for more details!