Miki Agrawal: Innovating to Improve the World, One Taboo at a Time

Serial entrepreneur and social innovator Miki Agrawal has made a career by disrupting the status quo and reimagining tired product categories. Her journey began in the restaurant industry with WILD, a gluten-free farm-to-table pizza concept in New York City that was ahead of its time. She then revolutionized the feminine hygiene space with THINX, creating absorbent, reusable period underwear that empowered women and girls worldwide.

Her most recent venture, TUSHY, brings innovation to another “taboo” realm – the bathroom. TUSHY’s affordable, design-forward bidet attachments aim to transform America’s dated reliance on toilet paper into a more eco-friendly and hygienic alternative. Agrawal was inspired to enter the “poop space” after realizing that wiping with dry paper was not only ineffective but caused health issues and environmental damage. TUSHY has helped save millions of trees, funded clean toilets for thousands of families in India, and converted a growing number of Americans into bidet enthusiasts.

Unafraid to tackle topics others shy away from, Agrawal credits her multicultural upbringing and exposure to diverse perspectives for her tendency to question established norms. She sees massive potential in outdated product categories ripe for creative disruption. While TUSHY’s mission to change cultural attitudes around bidets in the U.S. has been initially skeptical, Agrawal believes that once people experience improved cleanliness, health benefits, and sustainability advantages firsthand, perceptions will shift, just as they have for her previous ventures.

In addition to her entrepreneurial successes, Agrawal is a bestselling author of the books “Do Cool Sh*t” and “Disrupt-Her.” She is also exploring a new means of creative expression with the release of her debut music album “It All Exists” under the artist name Soul Gaze, created in collaboration with musicians Happie Hoffman and Gene Evaro Jr. The album provided a cathartic outlet for Agrawal as she navigated a difficult divorce and fused dance music with heartfelt, introspective lyrics.

Agrawal can often enjoy the simple pleasures of Long Island’s beaches, arts, and dining scenes when she’s not dreaming up new ways to shake up stagnant industries. Her favorite Hamptons haunts include Nick & Toni’s restaurant, the Beach Club, and the rustic charms of Sag Harbor and Montauk.

Looking ahead, it’s clear that Miki Agrawal’s passion for harnessing creativity and innovation to elevate overlooked categories and improve people’s lives has yet to be satiated. With her track record of disrupting the disruptors and leaving a meaningful impact through her ventures, there’s no telling which industry she’ll revolutionize next. One thing is sure – this maverick entrepreneur will continue to boldly question how things are done and inspire the rest of us to think outside the box.