Modern Triturating Juicers That Any Enthusiastic Cook Should Use

Twin juicer reviews: double efficiency and extra features

Triturating juicers, which are also known as twin gear juicers, are rightfully considered top-notch devices necessary in every kitchen. Whereas archaic pressure juicers boast neither of the essential multitasking nor of a satisfying yield, innovative triturating juicers feature none of these drawbacks. These models are user-friendly, powerful, compact, highly durable, and, which is above all things, they have already proved themselves useful for thousands of happy users.

Certainly, the wheels of technological progress never stop turning, and single-gear juicers give place to the more powerful and efficient ones – twin gear juicers, which have even more awesome features. Of course, a twin gear juicer is significantly bigger and more complicated than its single-gear analogue, which may be considered both advantage and drawback.

Hence, let us set the record straight and outline the most notable pros and cons of twin gear juicers in comparison with single-gear ones.

Well, the first awesome feature of a high-class juice extractor is pretty obvious – these models are much more powerful. More power, greater efficiency, higher yield – seems that this reasoning chain has no gaps at all! However, a feeding chute of custom twin gear juicers is smaller than usual, which means that it takes a longer time to finish each portion. The difference is small yet it still exists.

This small drawback is balanced by an essential feature – these are the twin gear juicers that produce the best juices, containing a maximal amount of vitamins and microelements. Triturating technology allows you to reach nearly 100% juicing – all informative twin gear juicer reviews assure that these models produce the driest pulp, allowing you to enjoy a healthy nutrient mix!

In addition, juicers that are more complicated usually have higher prices. Nevertheless, the difference in prices is significantly smaller than the difference in quality and in this case, it is definitely worth the cost!

Choosing the most appropriate juicer with ease: must-know tips

Once you weigh all the potential benefits of purchasing a triturating juicer, you must examine all the characteristics of all the models, which seem appropriate according to your needs. Sometimes even the slightest differences between models become crucial for a future owner.

First and foremost, it is wise to make a rough estimation of the juicer’s desired productivity and size. Powerful models are perfect for great companies but their capacities are obviously redundant for few persons. In addition, it would be a pity to purchase a juice extractor, which is too large for your kitchen, as well as to buy a less powerful model than you need.

Furthermore, such highly appreciated feature as a low noise level of the working juicer also must be taken into consideration. Cheap centrifugal juicers make it absolutely impossible to enjoy your cooking. In general, the triturating juicers work quietly, which make then ‘must-have’ devices for families with kids.

Take your time and think twice – expensive twin gear juicers also have extended warranty in addition to such extra features as bigger capacity and more powerful engine. Surely, you will be able to find a top-notch juicer in less than no time!