Oracle Cards vs. Tarot Cards

There are many different ways to divine hidden meaning in your day to day life. Many people consult with psychics who can help them determine how to interpret the past, accept the present, and prepare for the future. If you consult a psychic with an open mind and come prepared, you can often find some incredible answers to your questions. You might have a hard time choosing which clairvoyant you want to work with though. Many of them will use tarot decks; others will use oracle decks or angel decks. If you’re not very familiar with the practice you could find that confusing. You’ve probably heard of tarot decks, but what about oracle? Is there a difference? Is one better than the other? Well, here’s a quick rundown.

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Oracle Decks

Oracle cards are typically not used for playing cards. They are an assorted group of cards that are used for divining hidden meanings. They have varied numbers of cards, and they can be changed and altered by the creator of the cards or the diviner. They can be altered or adjusted to better suit a certain kind of divination system that the user prefers.

Many of the skilled clairvoyants at Psychic-Future use different kinds of oracle cards. They’re popular because they give the reader an added level of control over the reading. In many ways, “oracle cards” is a very large umbrella under which fits many different kinds of cards. Angel cards are another system of divination that is very popular. These could be considered oracle cards since they are used by oracles to divine some kind of truth. In fact, you could consider tarot decks to be oracle decks. That way, tarot decks would be a specialised kind of oracle cards.

Oracle Decks

Tarot Decks

Tarot cards are much more standardised in their setup. There are almost always 78 cards in a tarot deck. The cards are divided into major and minor arcana. The meanings of each card are standardised based on established tarot systems. Oftentimes, any sort of nuance to the cards is also explained by the creator of the deck. Most tarot cards come with a book that explains the overall meanings of each and the inspirations for many of the choices.

While oracle decks vary wildly and are popular because they can be specialised to different divination systems, tarot decks are popular because they’re standardised. A trained tarot reader can pick up a tarot deck and understand the nuances of each different card. The system is standardised and long-held; it helps to apply some structure to the ever-changing conditions.

Tarot Decks

Since the future is a huge list of possibilities that are constantly in motion, having a structured system in place helps to bring some order.

Is One Better Than the Other?

Essentially, no. Neither tarot nor oracle systems are inherently superior to the other. Many readers actually use both. Oracle decks can be tailored to the reader to provide a closer reading. Tarot decks are standardised, so they provide a more objective view of the reading.

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