The Basics of CMMS: What Starters Need to Know

Managing maintenance of equipment and machines isn’t easy. It’s even worse when you don’t have valid or CMMS software.

Any manufacturing firm should ensure that maintenance tasks are done on time. The equipment or machines should run smoothly with zero or minimal breakdowns. And yes, the maintenance must be done on a very lean budget.

For this reason, facility and maintenance managers are turning to CMMS for help. For instance, setting up CMMS software correctly helps reduce reactive maintenance by 73.2%. The exercise increases productivity by 28% and reduces machine downtime by 32%.

However, for the CMMS system to help you, you must understand how it works.

What is CMMS System?

It’s an acronym for the computerized maintenance management system. As a software solution, it helps firms manage, streamline and automate their maintenance operations.

The software holds all your maintenance information and records like preventative maintenance schedules, work orders, work histories, maintenance reports, purchase orders, logs, and assets. In short, it helps you manage all the chaos relating to maintenance in a single spot.

How Does the System Work?

The system works to ensure that the right thing is done at the right time. In most cases, these systems save data in a centralized space known as a database. Any person with any device can assess the data with a simple username and password.

Here’s how to use CMMS software:

  1. The Setup

The maintenance managers use CMMS software to set up the work orders for their maintenance teams. In most cases, these are preventative maintenance tasks that guard against the breakdown of machines and equipment. And yes, the management can use CMMS for reactive maintenance tasks through a ticketing system also known as work requests.

  1. Maintenance Operators Use CMMS to Complete Their Work Orders

And yes, the maintenance technicians don’t have to be physically present at the equipment to access this information. From the system, they can see the complete list of work orders that need their attention. Further, they can look up manuals, work histories, communicate with the team members from their mobile devices. Even better, the work they do is saved to the database for their managers to view. The results, better results with zero-time wastage.

  1. Maintenance Managers Use the System to Generate Reports

A good CMMS system allows maintenance managers to build their own custom reporting key performance indicators. All this depending on how you want to show that the millions of dollars equipment, machines, and facilities in your company are maintained properly.

But that’s not all! The CMMS software offers a robust interface with lots of data when logging in from your PC and a simplified version for mobile phone users. With this, the system removes clutter to increase the browsing speed for mobile phone users allowing them to focus on fixing machines and equipment.


There are several reasons why manufacturing units opt for CMMS software. It helps the management to reduce costs, improve efficiency and decrease machine downtime. The ability to realize these benefits is dependent on the software and your ability to use the software correctly.