The Features of a Great Mobile

An old saying in the technology world states that your technology becomes out of date every six months. To put it another way, a technological generation only lasts for six months. So, it stands to reason that every six months a new kind of mobile phone comes along that makes your current phone the old model. The average mobile contract lasts for two years; therefore, your phone will be four generations out of date by the time your contract ends. If you’re someone who isn’t very technologically savvy, that might be okay with you. However, if you like to take advantage of the newest features when they become available, you might want to break up with contracts and choose an unlocked phone. An unlocked phone will give you the opportunity to upgrade your phone whenever a new one comes out without having to worry about breaking contracts. There are some features of good mobile phones that you should look for; these are also the features that are changing the quickest.

Front-Facing Camera

Front-facing cameras have become standard features on all of the best mobile phones in Australia. Front-facing cameras are also known as selfie cameras, since they are mostly used for taking pictures of yourself. Since they face the front of the camera, you can see yourself in the photo before you snap it. In the early days of the selfie explosion, people had to hold the camera towards themselves and guess whether or not they were actually in the photo. That’s not the case anymore.

Great Mobile

In addition to a front-facing camera, a lot of phones have a light above the camera. This can be a light that stays on much like the lights professional photographers use in the studio; alternately, it can just be a flash that pops when you take a photo. This helps you get a good key light when you’re taking selfies; also, it helps when you’re taking selfies in dark areas.

Metal Bodies

Metal has become something of a standard material for mobiles. There are still many phones that have plastic bodies or partially plastic construction, but metal has become the preferred material. Metal is sturdier than plastic and also much more attractive. There are some studies that even suggest phones with metal bodies have a better touch-screen response. Touch screens work due to the electrical conductivity of your skin. That’s why you can’t use a random plastic object like an ink pen to work your touchscreen. It has to be conductive. Since metal is conductive, some studies have found that phones with metal bodies are slightly more responsive to your touch.

Quick Charging

The way a phone charges is also a feature now.Some of the most technologically advanced mobiles have proprietary technology that allows you to charge them quickly. Some of these phones just charge quickly; others have an option that you have to toggle on and off. If you’re charging your phone with your wall outlet, you would want to charge quickly. If you were using your laptop to charge your phone, maybe you wouldn’t.

There are many other features of new mobile phones.Look into all of the features that new phones offer when shopping for a new mobile phone.