The Key Elements to a Great English Curriculum

Having the ability to teach the language of English takes a lot of trial and error. Different students learn in different ways. Teaching the language the same exact way to everyone would be a mistake. Nevertheless, there are things that every English course should contain. These things are essential to understanding the language and becoming fluent. These things include memorisation, writing, grammar, pronunciation, and conversation. If you are searching for the best quality instruction in English you must ensure that the course you take has all of these elements.

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Memorisation is a skill that is used across all education. In language this is one of the most key elements. All languages require you to memorise things to become an expert.

The alphabet is a perfect example. Without the memorisation of the alphabet in an English class then you will have no success. This is one of the most basic steps in learning English. You have to be able to pull letters from memory to write, speak, and even correct grammar.

Nevertheless, this is no easy task. Memorising can be one of the most difficult parts of any course. You have to put in a lot of time, effort, and focus to be able to memorise, especially if you are starting the lesson when you are older. This makes memorising letters, words, and other portions of the English language very difficult. Another major portion of any English class is spelling.

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Spelling is not a topic to take lightly in any language. Spelling is especially important to the English language. There is a reason why there is a spelling bee in almost every grade school across the United States. The reason is that spelling is difficult.

Every class on English should start off with easy spelling. You have to explain why certain words are spelled certain ways. Nevertheless, once classes learn how to spell then they have to move on to difficult words. Good vocabulary in English is key to getting a point across in writing. Writing is also an important part of any English teaching.

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Writing needs to be incorporated into all parts of the course. You have to write things down as notes to remember them. You will have to write letters, paragraphs, and even essays. This helps you become a more rounded English language expert.

English writing is key in the language. The reason why is there are many differences in the writing compared to the speaking. In fact, it’s completely different. When you write in English there are many structural points that need to be taught. Completing a paragraph isn’t just knowing what words fit where. You also have to be aware of how sentences fit together. This is why grammar is also important.

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Writing may be the base for grammar, but grammar is the truly difficult part of the English language. Many writers have said that English grammar is the hardest to learn out of all the languages. This is why any learning experience with English must have grammar.

Grammar includes where to put apostrophes, where to pluralize nouns, and much more. Learning all the grammar rules of the English language is most likely impossible. Memorising all the rules would take years. However, there are many essential concepts that students need to learn. English courses need to offer these essential rules. If they don’t, then their writing will seem elementary and be impossible to understand. Another topic needed in an English lesson is pronunciation.

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Pronunciation is important in all languages. Without the correct pronunciation a word can be mistaken for another word, be completely wrong or even come across as an insult. When teaching pronunciation, a course should always start with the pronunciation of letters. By starting with basic letters then students can start to put together complicated words.

However, pronunciation in English must be taken very slowly. Though all letters have a certain pronunciation, this can change drastically depending on the word. You have to explain to students why this is and sometimes this may only work for advanced students. The recommendation is to not overwhelm beginners with too many complex pronunciations or they may not want to continue.

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Conversation may be the most important part of learning English and it definitely is when teaching a beginner class. The quickest way to learn the language is to figure out conversation with native English people. This will allow the brain to make connections much more quickly.

In fact, it is recommended to try to use native speakers when trying to teach new students the language. By forcing them into a difficult situation they will have a better memory. Many students who go to countries where the native language is English will learn much faster than in the classroom. This is why you have to bring this experience to the classroom. This will allow a student to learn much fast.

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Every English class is different. They are taught all over the world with many different teachers, students, and ideas. To create a great English curriculum is an extremely difficult task that isn’t for the faint of heart. You can even break them up into beginner, intermediate, or advanced to inform the student of what they are going into. This is one of the best ways to facilitate learning. This way every student will be on the same learning level and able to share comfortably.

No matter if a class is for beginners, intermediate students or advanced learners, they should have the elements discussed above. Every English student, regardless of their level of English, should be taught some form of spelling, writing, grammar, pronunciation, and conversation. These fundamentals combine to help the student understand all facets of the English language. The journey to becoming fluent, an expert, or even just understanding will be a long one. However, learning the language has great perks, because of the increased travel opportunity as well as the entertainment to enjoy. Everyone should take a chance at learning English.

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