Three Easy Ways to Sell That Home

You may have noticed that the real estate market in Houston has been heating up the last year or so. If you own a home in the Houston area you might even be thinking that now would be a good time to put it on the market. After all, what could be easier than selling your home in a hot market? The truth is, there are plenty of ways that putting your home on the market in Houston could be a tough call. In a hot market lots of players want in on the action, so you just may find your house is getting lost in the shuffle.

Or you may find that you have your home in an area that isn’t all that popular and you are left holding it for too long. While it is true that you can look up one of those companies that advertise We Buy Houses Houston is not a great market for quick cash. Instead of taking that route, why not look at some other ways to make that sale, from the traditional to the high risk. Here are three avenues you can take when it comes to selling that Houston home.

Traditional – Local Real Estate Agent

Finding a good real estate agent is almost as much work as selling your home. But if you have friends that have successfully negotiated a house sale recently, they might be a good source for a real estate agent. I have one friend who has bought and flipped several houses in the last few years and he uses the same agent for each buy. She understands what he wants, a run down house in a decent neighborhood that he can fix up quickly. They have both done well, and they make a good team at this point.

But if what you want is a home, one that you will stay in for a while then you need to find an agent who is all about this for you. Talk to friends and neighbors or see who the local agents are in your area by cruising the For Sale signs on lawns. Take you time to talk to an agent and make sure that the two of you really connect on what is important to you.

Risky – For Sale By Owner

This type of selling, where you might hire someone to take care of the paperwork but you do the footwork of listing it and selling it has a few more risks. While there was a time when this was relatively rare, today there are whole websites devoted to this idea and you can list your home on many of these sites. It is no longer considered the risk it once was, but you still need to have some confidence in what you are doing. It doesn’t hurt if you have walked through buying and selling a few times yourself so you are very familiar with the process.

Sell For Quick Cash

While the market doesn’t see quite as many of these firms as it did when the market crashed and people were desperate to get something, anything, for their home – they do still exist. You will probably see their ads on late night TV or on billboards around town. They will pay you cash for your home, but it will be for far below the market value of the home.

It is a good deal if you are in need of the cash. For someone who has huge medical bills to pay off or needs to move now because of a family emergency, these can be an ideal solution. Just be careful and watch out for con artists, as they do exist in this type of business and you can end up without your home or the cash.