Tips to achieve a successful sandblasting work

To achieve a successful sandblasting work there are few points one must take care of, they are:

Wearing proper dress:

Safety is the foremost thing that is to be considered while performing any work and the sandblasting task is no exception. As there is a lot of risk associated with this work one must be very careful about their body parts such as the skin, eyes and lungs.

The sandblasting work involves blowing the sand out at high speeds through sandblaster nozzles. There are fair enough chances of the sand to bounce off the surface that is traveling quick enough to be so. As a result, a mixture of paint, sand and other materials comerebounding in your direction. The particles may prove to be abrasive to your skin instantly and cause major damage if they enter your eyes or are inhaled.

Choosing the right sandblasting materials:

Basically the sandblasting project would require mainly two things; firstly, an abrasive material and secondly enough compressed air. The material you choose would depend on the project you are working on. The air compression which is the most crucial aspect of the sandblasting process should have a steady air pressure.

Maintaining a right distance and motion:

Last but not the least, the point one must take care of while sandblasting is to keep a right distance as well as pace. The sandblaster nozzle must be kept at the right distance that is about 10 to 12 inches from the surface. Bringing it closer than this to the surface may put a fine impact, but may also tear off the surface badly, if not done attentively.

On the other hand, if the nozzle is kept farther than the ideal distance, then it may cause a sand distribution to wider areas, but it would take a lot more time than it should.

It is also very important to maintain a constant sweeping motion of the sandblaster. Holding it at one point for too long can cause a hole in the material.