Top 7 gadgets every college student should have

College life is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. Regardless of how hard one tries, there is always a situation that catches us off guard. While such situations cannot be foreseen, they can surely be avoided by preparing ahead of time. Here are the top 12 gadgets that every student requires to survive college-

  1. Electric Mug for drinks:

This device is the savior of all students who are on a constant move and does not have the time to stop for mini-coffee breaks. Moreover, students who struggle with early morning classes should invest in an electric coffee mug that they can carry to lectures when they are running late. Also, the container keeps the coffee warm for over an hour and provides the much-needed caffeine, which is required to pay attention in class.

  1. Charging travel bag:

How often does it happen that your laptop runs out of charge exactly when you have to submit an important assignment or your mobile phone decides to switch off when you need to use the GPS? Well, then the charging travel bag is meant just for you. The backpack enables the user to charge their laptop, phone and a tablet at the same time with the help of an internally fit battery. Certain companies also manufacture backpacks that harness solar energy to charge the devices. It functions as a multiple plug power bank.

  1. Hard-drive:

A hard-drive is an essential gadget for every college going person for multiple reasons. Firstly, it is necessary to create an external backup of all your files and assignments, for times when your laptop decides to die on you. Also, it is like an album that holds all your fond memories of college, be it the photographs from your latest hiking trip or the movies that you watched with your dorm mates.

  1. Extension Cord:

While you may always be wise enough to carry your device along with its charger, not every place that you visit has multiple charging points located at a convenient location. Why choose between charging your phone or your laptop? Enjoy the best of both worlds by owning an extension cord that allows the student to use numerous electronic appliances at the same time.

  1. Pen drives:

Pen drives work as practical replacements for hard drives that can be bulky to carry around for everyday purposes, such as class presentations and paper submissions.

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones:

There is no doubt about the fact that college dorms can get extremely noisy, especially during the finals week, when everybody seems to be running around to finish their work. Noise canceling headphones can be utilized to calm yourself before an important exam and block away from the annoying sounds that surround you.

  1. Smart-bulb:

On certain nights, you fall asleep while reading a book or completing an assignment. Naturally, one does not feel like leaving the bed to turn off the lights. Certain companies like LIFX have introduced innovative bulbs that you can control via smartphones.  These bulbs are available at affordable rates and can do a lot towards making life at college more comfortable.