What Are Disability Benefits, And How Do You Qualify?

What Are Disability Benefits?:

Those that have disabilities that prevent them from sustaining gainful employment may be able to get disability benefits. There are different types of disability benefits that are available. Some disability benefits come from the federal government. These types of disability benefits are SSI (supplemental security income) and SSDI (social security disability income). Individuals receiving SSI currently get 733 dollars per month, and this amount is given to all that are given SSI benefits. This amount is sometimes increased, due to changes in average living expenses.

SSDI is part of the social security program. This means that the amount you can get depends upon your previous earnings. Additionally, some employers offer disability insurance. This means that if a person becomes disabled and is unable to work, they are entitled to additional benefits from the insurance company. Some states also offer disability benefits.

Who Can Get Disability Benefits?:

The specific requirements for insurance companies that offer disability benefits varies from one company to another. Also, states that offer disability programs vary in terms of their requirements. At the federal level, those that are unable to earn more than $1,130 per month, due to a disability may be eligible for SSI. However, this amount is higher, if the person applying for SSI is blind. For those that are blind, this amount is set at $1,820 per month. The income requirement is the same for SSDI.

Additionally, one can get disability benefits for any medically documented condition that has been verified to prevent them from becoming gainfully employed. It does not have to be a physical condition. Those with mental health difficulties that prevent them from sustaining gainful employment can also be eligible for both SSI and SSDI. Additionally, this disability has to be expected to continue for a year or more. If you are no longer disabled at some point during the filing process, it still can be possible to get benefits, if your disability lasted a year or more.

How Myler Disability Can Help You:

Myler Disability can help you to more thoroughly understand how to apply for disability. They can help you to defend your case in the courtroom, and this can decrease the chances that your claim will be denied. Additionally, they can help to expedite the process, and this can help to reduce the lengthy waiting times for approval. Additionally, the fees are also quite affordable. You will not pay until the case is won. When it is, the fees are only 25% of your back payments. You will not pay anything from your monthly disability checks you will receive after winning your case.