What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing?


  1. Pay attention to your sales lifecycle – Focus on your target market and make such initiatives that it attracts customers to buy your product.
  2. Seek the perfect subject matter experts – This is because influencers in Singapore have a lot of credibility in the social media platforms.
  3. Understand that engagement is the king – Seek influencers who have a 10 percent engagement rate. Make good relations with them.
  4. Always have a win win offer ready – Here you need to consider mutual benefits and determine if remuneration is important or the rates.
  5. Always put your customers first – Customers are king too.
  6. Keep it authentic at all times

The content should feel natural and fun rather than forced.


  1. Presume that sales team always focuses on reach only – When you underestimate sales, you end up questioning your campaign value and cannot manage the budgets as well.
  2. Presume that any influencer is ready to do the task you have for them – You cannot expect an influencer to promote car repairing services.
  3. Presume that influence is tantamount to their popularity status – Know that audience always wants beyond famous people promoting the product. Talk about value.
  4. Presume that the influencers always work for free – Being an influencer is a full time job and they need to pay bills as well.