Why the healthcare industry needs exceptional researchers and critical thinkers

The nursing and healthcare industry is a vital one and always needs skilled workers. Those competent in research and critical thinking are particularly valuable, and here’s why.

Researching and analyzing the results

When working in healthcare, you may need to research aspects of the treatment or your patients’ health conditions, or else rely on the research carried out by others. Having the ability to do this and think critically about the results are important skills to have. Things change quickly, so knowing when the initial research was done, and who provided the information, will help when analyzing the results. Certain sources will be more reliable than others and are often dependent on their credentials.

Of course, it’s also important to have the relevant qualifications. If you’re wondering what is a PhD in nursing, then universities such as Wilkes can provide all the information about studying for a PhD or another nursing qualification.

Interpreting the situation

While gaining qualifications is a vital part of securing a career in nursing, being able to read the situation you’re in is also crucial. Not all patients in your care will react in the same way. Some will need more care or reassurance than others. Occasionally some will be angry or scared, and interpreting how they feel and why, allows you to deal with the situation. You can then calm them down by offering reassurance or by giving them some time alone.

Being able to explain

The qualifications you gain for use in the healthcare or nursing industry help you to better understand different health conditions, recognize symptoms, and so much more. However, applying critical thinking allows you to relate to patients and to explain to them on their level. They will not have the same medical knowledge as you, so weighing up how their health condition, or the potential side-effects of a certain medication, for example, might mean having to do certain things differently, will give them a better understanding than will using complex medical terms.

Finding out more about those in your care

Not everyone you’re responsible for looking after will be upfront with you. They may not hide important information on purpose but could be unaware of its relevance. By having good research skills to ask the right questions, look into family history of conditions which might be genetic and researching new treatments or medications, you can help to spot potential problems before they become serious, and suggest new ways to treat your patients’ medical problems. Because of the importance of each decision made in the healthcare industry, it’s equally important to be skilled at research.

So, although experience and qualifications are the main things that will be considered when starting a career in nursing, critical thinking and research skills could set you apart from others. If you can demonstrate the ability to do both, you will stand out and be an asset to any healthcare team.